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Samuel Williams sworn says: I live at Pill Gwenlly in the Borough of Newport
I was in the front of the Westgate Inn untill I heard a H[?]urra coming down Stow
Hill. I then went up into the stable going up Stow Hill, the Stable belongs to the
Westgate Inn and looks into Stow Hill I broke two panes of Glass in the Window
for the purpose of seeing the mob coming down the Hill I saw the mob coming down
the Hill they were armed. I dare say five or six hundred going down hill they came
round the front of the Westgate Inn. I saw a man with one Leg in the crowd there
was about Fifty passed before I saw him he had a wooden Leg and a person called -
Jack the Fifer was walking along side of him the man with a wooden Leg was armed
with a Gun. Jack the Fifer had a Pistol and a pike or a spike I don't know which
he had a big coat over him they both stopped back and let most of the mob pass to -
the front of the Westgate Inn I stopped in the Stable untill they began to fire I heard -
a man in the mob give the word to fire when I heard the firing I got over into a -
Garden and got out into Commercial Street by D[octo]r O'Reileys to the front of the Druggist
Shop I there saw again the same man with the wooden Leg he had a Gun in his hand
then that was after the firing the mob was the running some one way and some -
another he had a kind of a round Jacket on and a Hat something like a Jim -
Crow Hat, I can't say exactly what sort of coat he had on I do really beleive it was a
sort of dark velvet coat I was so frightened that I did not take such particular
notice. I came in the room last night where the prisoner was I then told a Special
Constable I was sure the prisoner was the man I saw in the crowd I did not then
know he was in custody I had then seen his wooden Leg having looked at the
prisoner I do beleive he his the man I can't say whether he had a Double or a
Single barrel Gun When I saw hi going away he was going at a Good Solid
pace there was several going with him he was going a road which leads towards
Risca and the Hills.
Samuel x Williams
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