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Regina v George Turner

Herbert ^ Williams of Commercial St Newport Monmouthshire Chemist -
says - between 9 and 10 O' clock in the morning of the
4th Nov[embe]r - I was standing in front of Mr. Mullock's shop
in Commercial St waiting to see the Chartists having heard
that they were coming down Stow Hill - I stood there from
10 minutes to 1/4 of an hour - & then saw them come round
the corner from Stow Hill they went to the
Coach Yard Gates of the Westgate Inn first, & then appeared to go back
a few yards - Witness could not see the Gates or the
front of the Westgate from the place where he stood -
but immediately afterward Witness heard the firing &
the breaking of windows - The Mob were dispersed in
about 5 minutes perhaps less. After the greater p[ar]t
of the Mob had run away - Witness observed the Prisoner
with 8 or 10 others, whom Witness does not know,
standing on the pavement in front of Mr Hambly 's shop
which is the next house to the Westgate Hotel in Commercial
Street. Prisoner had a gun in his hand, the others were all
armed, but Witness cannot swear with what weapons.
Witness saw one of the men (he cannot to tell which x of them )
loading his gun & when he had done so he stepped out

x The reason Witness cannot swear which of the men fired is that when he fired
several others were between the Witness & him.

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Page 2:
from the rest about 2 yards in order as Witness supposes
to get more in front of the Westgate and fired at some
of the Windows - Witness saw nothing more of the prisoner
until he passed down Commercial St[reet] in front of Witness's
shop, this was about 10 minutes after - Witness was then
standing at the corner of his house - Prisoner then
had a gun in his hand - He was walking down very
quietly & did not appeared alarmed - Witness is quite
positive as to identity -
_________________ Herbert Williams

___________ Reg[in]a v[ersus] Turner

Herbert Williams - (additional) The Prisoner
wore a dirty light coloured dress - I did not particularly
observe it- my attention was directed to his ^ wooden leg -
I do not know what Hat he wore -

Page 3:
Reg[in]a v[ersus] Turner [the above heading has a large X through it]

Herbert Williams's
[number on left hand side of page - upside down:- 15 - 11]
[centre bottom margin:-] 699

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