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List of Prisoners in custody on November 1839.

discharged -

Committed for High Treason. [ditto]

Committed Sedition } /Lewis/ [ditto]

Thos Watkins a Mason Edmd Williams at the Machine } only one leg r

Treason & sedition [ditto]

Committed for High Treason } Samuel Etheridge Caerleon road charged

discharged William Cardo

Admitted Kings Evidence } Blackwood

discharged James Horner

x ...

{ }

{ } {Witnesses Wm Walters Evan Harris Hannah Harris.

{ m }

{ Henry Harris } Israel Sherman [recte Furmen?]


Israel Sherman[recte Furmen?]

discharged m Bath

[Some additions above the line indicated by / / ]

Page 2:
List of Prisoners.

D.4. 85

7.2.39. WG[?]

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