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Page 1:
Page 22


[Left:] Lewis a Carpenter (not in/ custody - gone to his Uncles at /Liverpool ) not in c

[Right:] Edward Miles Taylor Newport

[Left:] David Evans. Malpas - apprenticed / to a Carpenter - not in c
[Right:] Edward Miles -

[Left] David Lloyd / discharged or not?

[Left:] Patrick Hickey dischgd

[Right:] Wm Chambers Fothergill St John Pollock pa15 John Lewis

[Left:] Jonathan Palmer William Jewel } reward

[Right:] [Opposite Jonathan Palmer] David Evans -John Pollock John Lewis [opposite William Jewell] David Evans

[Left:] John Lewis x

[Right:] Edmund Harris -

[line breaks indicated by / ]

Page 2:

[Left:] David Jones alias/ David the Tinker -

[Right:] John Jones - Argoed Joseph Taylor Tredegar (Woodwards boy) / Harris d[itt]o [Tredegar]
[Left:] Wm Jones Llangynider

[Right:] Jonas Williams Police Serjt Brecon -

[Left:] William Barwell

[Right:] George Such (slightly) -

[Line breaks indicated by /]

Page 3:

[Left column:] S. Etheridge

[Right:] Joseph Adey, W.T.H. Phelps Charles Rogers - Newport Wm Graham (Sheriffs Offr Chepstow) Walter Williams - Gunter John O'Dwyer - O'Reilly

[Left:] George George

[Right:] Moses Scard - Margaret Jones

[Left:] Isaac Tippins Zephaniah Wms [annotated]

[Right:] x Thomas Bowen Nantyglo George Lloyd Coalbrook Vale

Page 4:


[Right:] Chambers Fothergill St / -

[Left:] John Taylor not in c
[Right:] Wm Chambers

[Left:] Henry Frost (Thos Williams also implicated by S Parsons) dischgd

[Right:] Maria Sackett (pa 2) Charles Groves / George Evans- Samuel Parsons / John Fraser - / John Rupps (Thos Llewellyn vide)

[Left:] John Lewis

[Right:] John Pollock q Patrick Hickey

[Left:] Shellard Pontypool

[Right:] Wm Rowsell

[Some line breaks indicated by / ]

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