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Page 1:
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Reg[in]a v[ersu]s Frost
Exam[ine]d 43 Witnesses

[left hand margin - vertical:- ]: Vol 18

Page 2:
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John Frost 1 Williams Matthew - 1 At Chartist meeting Saturday 2d Nov[embe]r - saw Frost at Royal Oak, Risca and Newport at Roman Catholic Chapel

2 Rees John - 2 Saw Frost & Jack the Fifer at Court y Bella Machine leading the Mob - Frost asked where the Soldiers were and
ordered the mob to "March" -

3 Coles James - 3 Confirms the last witnesses - evidence - saw Frost running away after the firing

4 Oliver Thomas Bevan - 4 A Special Constable at the - Westgateduring the riot

5 Simmons Samuel - 5 Saw Frostat head of the mob at the Machine - accompanied them down to the Westgate - heard

Frost give orders at the Westgate.

6 Hopkins Edward - 6 Police Office present when Pistols were taken from Frost.

7 Phillips Thomas Jones - 7 The Capture of Frost - produces papers found in Frost's house.

8 Brough Barnabas - 8 Forced with the Mob - released by Frost.

9 Hodge James - 9 Saw Frost at Coach & Horses Sunday 3d - asked him if he was going to attack the Workhouse - speaks of a man distributing ammunition
to the mob - Frost marshalling the men -

10 Furmen Israel 10 Generally as to the proceedings of the Mob - Saw Frost at Royal Oak and the park giving directions -

11 Waters Richard - 11 Saw Frost in front of Westgate.

12 Hawford John (in pencil:- Wednesday) 12 Saw Frost between Cefn & the Welsh Oak - he makes known his intentions as to Newport.

13 Davies Williams - 13 As to the general meetings of the Delegates the week before the riots - the plan of the arrangements as to Newport.

14 Latch Thomas - (in pencil:- Wednesday) - 14 Saw Frost in front of Westgate -

15 Harris William - 15 Saw Frost addressing the mob at Coach + Horses on Sunday 3d Nov - Saw Frost at Welsh Oak marshalling the mob.

16 Morgan John - 16 Saw Frost at the Welsh Oak and the Park marshalling the mob - and at the Westgate commanding the mob to fire -

17 Pugh Richard - 17 That Frost was at his house (Coach & Horses) on the Friday previous to the riots -

18 Pugh Esther - 18 Confirms the last witness -

19 Thomas Jane - Servant to Rich[ar]d Pugh - confirms his evidence -

20 Lloyd Edmund - 20 That Frost, Z. Williams & Jones - held general meetings at Blackwoodprevious to the riots.

- 21 Saw Frost at the Westgate -


23 Tovey Job - 23 That Frost lodged at his house two day previous to the riot - of the plans of the Riots

24 Tovey Susannah - 24 Confirming last witness -

25 Watkins Thomas - 25 Forced with Mr Brough by the mob & released by Frost.

26 Adams William - (in pencil:- Wednesday) - 26 That he saw Frost returning through the park after the riot.

27 Woolford James - (in pencil:- Wednesday) - 27 That his house was broken into by the Mob and his guns stolen.

- 28 That he saw Frost returning through the park after the riot.

29 Prosser John 29 That a mob in the Pontypool Road called at his house Sunday night

30 Phillips Sir Tho[ma] s Kn[igh]t 30 That he was acting in his character of Mayor at the Westgate with the Soldiers.

31 Edwards Lewis - 31 That he was acting as a Magistrate with the Soldiers at the Poor House.

32 Brewer William - 32 That he was acting as a Magistrate with the Mayor at the Westgate.

33 Gray Basil - 33 That we was the Commanding Officer at the Westgate.

- 34 That he was the Sergeant wounded at the Westgate

35 Flack Richard - 35 That he was the Officer commanding at the Poor House.

36 James, Morgan - 36 That he saw Frost & Jones at Chartist meetings - they saw they must have the Charter by force & recommended the Mob to arm - and as to by Jenkin Morgan

37 Phillips William - 37 That he found Evan Edwards making Bullets for the Chartists

38 Homan Walter William - 38 To the same effect

- 39 That Evan Edwards told him that the Charists had promised if he would make Bullets them he should not be forced to go

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Page 3:
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[top right hand margin:-] 2d

40 Herring David - 40 As to Pike making -

41 Brickley Edward - 41 as to the same -

42 Arthur Thomas 42 as to the same -

43 Dyer Thomas 43 - That he saw the Mob coming - in ranks down Stow Hill.

44 Cartwight W[illia]m Sheward - 44 Service of 2d List of Witnesses on Frost

- 45 That he saw Frost in front of the Westgate

46 Saunders Thomas - 46 That he saw Frost at the Welsh Oak - (this witness has absconded) -

47 Partridge Amelia - 47 She saw Frost come into her fathers house on Monday evening - on the day of the Riots

48 Maule George Esq[uire] - 48 Service of Copy Indictment Jury List and of 1st List of Witnesses -

49 Rogers John - 49 Service of 3rd List of Witnesses -

50 Rogers Stephen - Capture of Frost with Mr Phillips -

51 Davies Margaret 51 Saw mob come to front of the Westgate saw the attack upon
the Westgate by the Mob & the firing was there during
the firing on the opposite side and near the back gates
of the Westgate saw a Wooden legged man fire 3 times at
the Soldiers in the room of the Westgate.

52 in pencil:- Evans Henry Saddler

53 in pencil:- Evans Daniel Tailor

54 in pencil:-Walker Thomas

52 Declaration of intentions by Jenkin Morgan

55 Williams Gould 52 That the prisoner Wil[li]am Jones whom he apprehended told Witness that he Jones walked
into Newport in the rear of the Mob with Mr Frost to the Westgate Inn

foreign>} (vide</ng

Scard Moses To speak to declaration of Tho[ma]s Llewellin a Pris[one]r as to John Frost
Evidence ag[ain]st Tho[ma]s Llewellin
Lewis Lewis ( vide Thomas Llewellin Case)Frost coming down with the Mob.

[bottom right hand margin:-] 4

Page 4:
[top left hand margin:-] 2e

On the left side of page:-

Mathew Pembro }
James Jones }
Rees Rees }
Moses Scard }
Tho[ma]s Watts }
The following text is bracketed on the right hand side of the above names :-
As to
Pikes etc
at Newport
after the

Tho[ma]s Watts }
The following text is bracketed on the right hand side of the above name :-
prove meeting
armed men
sound of
from Tredegar

Geo[rge] Lloyd }
The following text is bracketed on the right hand side of the above name :-
prove meeting
at the mountain

James James } The like

James Samuel }
The following text is bracketed on the right hand side of the above name:-
To prove
letting Tram
to Z[ephaniah] Williams

William Howell }
The following text is bracketed on the right hand side of the above name:-
To prove
Z[ephaniah] Williams
& Pikes at
his House

On the right side of page:-
Job Tovey
Susanna Tovey
Richard Waters }
Tho[ma]s Latch }
The above two names are bracketed with the following two lines of text:-

Benj[amin] Green
Ann Thomas
Esther Pugh
Jane Thomas
William Addams

Ja[me]s Woolford
Rees Rees

Page 5:
[top right hand margin:-] xd

[on right hand side of page:-] Reg[ina]
John Frost

List of Witnesses

in pencil:-
Witnesses Exam[ine]d 4th Nov[embe]r
John Harford
W[illia]m Harris
Ja[me]s Emery
John Parry
W[illia]m Rousell alias

John Matthews

[centre bottom margin:-] 181

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