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Page 1:
[top right hand page:-] Page 18

A further List of Witnesses to be produced upon
the Trial of John Frost upon an indictment found

against him and others for High Treason for proving
the said indictment.

David Morgan of Mamhole in the Parish of
Monythusloyne in the County of Monmouth Farmer

David Morgan the Younger labourer son of and abiding with
his father the said David Morgan at the same place

Catherine Charles Spinster Daughter of and abiding
at the house of Henry Charles of the Parish of Bassaleg
in the County of Monmouth Beerhouse keeper.

[illegible initials in left hand margin]

Page 2:
[this page consists of three panels:-]

centre panel:- John Frost

[3rd panel - written vertically:-]

1839 December 19th personally served
a true copy hereof on the within named
John Frost at the county gaol of Monmouth
John Rogers

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