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Jenkin Morgan

1. Edward Brickley - Making Pikes for Prisr. and meeting at Prisrs House where Prisoner/ & others armed with Pikes went out the Sunday night.

2 William Sheward Cartwright - Service of further lists of Witnesses.

3 Frances Gibbon - Decl-ons of Prisr before the Riots.

4 Edward Hopkins - Proves the Mob & firing at the Westgate.

5 Maria Harper - Declarations of Prisoner previous to the Riots and the day of the Riots.

6 Samuel Thomson Hallen - Useless }

7 Thomas Hawkins (Mayor) - Useless } Except to prove Attack on the Westgate.

8 David Herring - /Grinding/ Pikes with John Gibby and meeting at Prisr House fixing on / Pikes the Sunday night

9 Morgan James - Conversation with Prisr. previous to the Riots as to taking Newport - Witness accomp-d /Prisr. Sunday night to a field in Caerleon Road ^ armed - Password Beans & well Prisr. ...

10 Mary Jenkins - Noise in Prisrs House the Sunday night -

11 John Lewis (Pillgwenlly) - Apprehending Prisoner at Bristol.

12 Elizabeth Morgan - Saw Prisr. returning from Newport after the firing.

13 Thomas Jones Phillips - Paper cont-g Sections of 10 & a Capt found at Etheridges

14 W. T. H. Phelps - Produce paper as to the Sections of 10 & a Captn found at Etheridges

15 Henry Baldwin Raven -

16 Moses Scard - Decl-on of Prisr. before the Riots absenting himself after the Riots.

17 Mapson Thomas Smith - Prisr. seen coming from Newport towards W-loo after the firing.

18. Phineas Sims - Apprehending Prisr. in Bristol & decl-on of Prisr. on apprehension/ finding a Pike in a field where Prisr. went with Morgan James -

19 William Henry Williams -

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Jenkin Morgan

List of Witnesses

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