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Page 1:
[top right corner] 9
Simmons Samuel __ 6
lives in Newport
Saw Mob between 8 & 9
oClock armed

At the machine
went up by the Friars
Frost at heir Head
Frost told them at the
Turnpike to shew themselves
to the Town first
Went down Stow

Saw them go to the
entrance Gate of the
Westgate Inn - fastened
Frost at their Head - he
(Frost) said to them - now
you must make your
appearance in front - I
was within 3 yards of
them - they then went
to the front of the Inn
they rushed at the Door
I heard the Guns
fired & I went to
Mattocks - near 10 oClock
the last time I saw Frost
near the Westgate

Page 2:
[left column]
Richd Waters - 154
Attorney at Law
Specl Constable at
the Westgate Inn at 9
oClock (4 Nov)
Saw Mob come down
Stow Hill - armed - Saw
Frost imme-ly in front
of the Westgate Inn
before the firing began

Latch Thomas -

Lewis Maria -

Morgan James. 110
Attended Chartist
Speaks to Declar-ns of
Frost & Jones.
Gives a long Account
of previous proceedings
called out of bed at
8 oClock on Monday
Morning 4 Novr. Went
to Court y bella Machine
Saw Hundreds &
thousands running
back as
[contd at 23II_009_03]

[in r. hand column]
[comm. at line 11
alongside Thos Latch entry]
distinct proof he was
with Waters & identifies Frost
being there

[alongside Maria Lewis entry]
also identifies Frost

[alongside Jas Morgan entry]
Shews Frosts previous
attendance at Chartists
Meetings long rambling
Deposition - the only
p___ at this stage
of the Case is seeing Frost
running away imme-ly
after - the two previous
Witnesses shew him
present at the Inn.

Page 3:
Morgan James
[contd from 23II_009-02]
if for their lives from
had not heard firing
I saw Frost running
away by Court y Bella
page 115[r. column]

Rees John _____fo 3
13 Y-rs old
He and another boy
heard mob coming
ran forward then
Met them on the
other side of the Machine
Frost in front
Frost ask'd the other
Boy where the Soldiers
were. The Boy said
there were about 12 at
the Westgate Inn
Jack the Fifer was
there - he told the boy
to go back & tell them
(the Soldiers) they (the
Mob) meant to have
the Westgate for themselves

Page 4:
[left column]
Rees John
It was said loud
eno' for Frost to hear.
Frost and the Fifer
said March.

Frost not loud
Mob divided - one
Party toward the Friars -
the other towards
Commercial Street
I knew Frost

Coles James a[lia]s Farmer
(the other Boy) - p.3
Same effect as the
last Witness -
thinks Frost went down
Commercial St.

Sometime after heard
firing & soon after saw
Frost running as fast
as he could - Sure of him

Jenkins Wm - 154
Saw Frost in front of
the Inn and Lovell
first before firing

[r. column/ alongside line 22]
Specl Constable stationed
at the [Westgate] Inn

Page 5:
[left column]
The above are the only

Witnesses who speak

to Frost being at and

imme-ly near
Westgate at the time

of the Attack.

The next Class of Witnesses

Move what was done

at the Westgate

Hopkins Thos -120

Son of a Policeman

________q. age ?

saw Mob coming tow[ar]d

Westgate be[twee]n 8 & 9 oClock
Commen'd attack at

Inn by firing .

Broke Windows with pikes
heard no firing from Inn

before Mob fired

Saw 4 Men Killed

[in r. hand column/ alongside
lines 18-19 of the above text]
I find in another deposition
p.80 this witness thinks firing
from the inside first

[left column]

Hopkins Edwd -- 5

Father of the last

speaks to attack on

the Inn.

Was stationed at the

Inn Door.

Proves taking Frost
afterwds & being armed

[in r. hand column/ alongside
lines 21-27 of the above text]

This policeman being

stationed at the Door

must be able to give

a better account of

the proceedings of the

Mob than is set forth

he was examined -

apparently only with ye

view of identifying Waters

Page 6:
[left column]
Oliver Thos Bevan 4 - p10

[right column]
of the Brief
Specl Constable
stationed at Westgate

[left column]
Proves attack & a -
demand by Mob or leaders
to Special Constables
to surrender before firing
- believes that man is
Proves first gun fired (5)
by Mob but query if by
design or accident
Went into the House
upon firing
_____only identifies

[in r.hand column/ alongside
lines 11-14 of above text]
This man must be
able to give a more
full account

[l. column]
Evans Henry - - 12

[r. column]
Brief p19 & 20 Depositions

[left column]
____lives opposite
____ the Westgate
Proves the attack
on the Westgate - firing
of Mob principally
against the Room
where the Soldiers
____only identifies

[in r. column/ starting
from line 21 of above text]
This man's evidence
is material but it is
very important to
ascertain if he knew
Frost as he does not
speak to his being there
altho' his account is
minuted see p19 Depn

Page 7:
[l. column]
Evans Danl -- 20
Proves the attack
very circumstantially

Firing first by Mob
breaking in &c
Identifies Lovell

[r. column]
A very material
witness but open to
some suspicion.
Has been a Chartist
but says he withdrew

q-y did this Man
know Frost because
altho he saw the
Attack distinctly he
never speaks of Frost .

Phillips Sir Thos[l.col]
separate Proof[r.col.]

Gray Captain [l. col]
Dailey Serjeant
separate Proof [r.col.]

[r. col.]
q Venn 13.
Herbert Williams 15.92
Scard - 15-89
Williams - 16-88


Page 8:
[l. column]
After these Witnesses
it may be proper
to trace Frost regularly
backwards in time
as far as deemed
to be expedient.

Page 9:

No 1.

Re Frost
Mr. Solr General's
Notes of Evidence

Mr Talbot


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