• Newport Chartists Vol.24, p.25

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Page 1:
[top right] Page 25

_________Document No. ____ [blank]

St Pierre - December 1839


I trouble you with this letter in consequence
of the promise I yesterday made, when I had
the pleasure of seeing you at Monmouth -
Upon looking over the list of Names of persons
to serve on the Jury, which you did me the
favor of lending for the purpose of making any
observations, which I considered, from my Aquaintance
with the Neighbourhood might be useful in
directing your choice, I venture to make the following objections -

[tick] No 8 - Saml Buxton Caldicot ---- __incompetent

[tick] __34 - Joseph Coles - Shirenewton - Cordwainer

____particularly objectionable

P. T. O. -

Newport Public Reference Libraries

Page 2:
[Tick] 148 - Walter Lewis - Mathern - farmer
____________________________particularly objectionable
[Tick] 208 - John David Powell - Chepstow ____Shipwright
_________________________ditto -

These three Men from their principles
I consider quite unfit to serve the County
in a case like the present. --

[Tick] No. 93 -
Isaac Hurcum - Chepstow. Butcher -
I have heard doubted and

[Tick] 167 - Samuel Meredith, ditto from his
excessive ignorance & stupidity -

Not having time to make a copy of the whole
list, there might be others objectionable, and I
may have overlooked them - Should there
be another of the name of Buxton of Caldicot
Tanner - (John Buxton) he scarcely differs from
the other brother, but I either did not see, or the

Page 3:
name of them, escaped my observation -

The Person I particularly looked for I did
not see in the list - of the name of Harry -
of Chepstow - Carpenter - a professed Chartist
and one I shall issue a warrant against if
I can discover the fact of a speech of his imputing
a meditated Attack on the Monmouth Jail -

I think Mr Evans the Solicitor of Chepstow
who is part/i/ally known
to you, would
afford you more
information, than I can, if you consider it of
service, and could forward a list, which was
done in the former trials, in consequence of his
local knowledge - The only excuse I have for
giving you this trouble is the deep interest I
take in this cause - where any well meaning Man
must desire that Justice should be done to the County
- and should use every means his situation

Page 4:
affords to aid its course - I remain Sir

faithfully yours

Thomas Lewis -

St Pierre - Decr.

Recd. 15 do.


[postmarked] NEWPORT DE[C]15

[vertically centre]
Phelps Esqr

[bottom right]
Newport Museum and Art Gallery


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