• Newport Chartists Vol.24, p.32

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Page 1:
[top right] Page 32 Document No 766

Usk 28 Nov.1839

Dear Sir

The Magistrates having expressed
as you tell me an opinion of the
impropriety of my appearing before
them on Behalf of Roger Davies[']
son I shall in deference to their
opinion abstain from doing so -
I can't conceive however how my
doing so is inconsistent with my
^ office of Undersheriff - as I told
Mr Roger Davies - If his son should
be committed I would not
undertake to be his attorney
in this trial but he would have
ample time to put his case
in some respectable Hands -
I should have thought that

Page 2:
the inclination of the Magistrates
would have been to Encourage
the appearance of a respectable
Sol[icito] r before them on Behalf
of any Prisoner. I am certain
it conduces to the best of
Justices - as I told Mr Davies
I should treat his Sons as an
Honest Case & if he was
deceiving me I should certainly
by the cause I should Pursue
do him much harm but
he persisted in giving me
full latitude. The point which
struck me as agst him was
his going away but His father
satisfactorily Explained that to
me. The Young man (20 years
of age) his father knew was

Page 3:
strongly imbued with Chartist Principles
of universal suffrage & being as he
described a Hot Headed impetuous
Youth he thought it the most
Prudent Course to send him
to his Uncle at a distance which
he did (I think he said) on the
Monday - I would have done the same -
Mr Davies ^ a Perfect stranger to me before was recommended
to me by a Highly respectable
Magistrate & having followed
me to Abergavenny where I
happened to be I ^ was induced
only by common humanity to
^ take up his case for at this moment I happen
to have as much Business on
my Hands as I can possibly
attend to

Page 4:
I am

Dear Sir

____Yrs truly

____________Henry Mostyn

W. T. H. Phelps Esq

766 [bottom centre]

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