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Page 1:
[top right] Page 40 Document No 724


My Dear Sir

I received your letter & copy list of Witnesses
upon the back of the Bill and will tomorrow
Send you Copies of the Depositions you request.
John Davies's of Gellyhave [Gellihaf] Examination was
amongst those handed to you by Evans. I will
however forward you another copy. The
plan which we have discovered intended to be
acted upon by the friends of the prisoners is to
intimidate all they can & to way lay upon the
road to Monmouth all they can find - Usk I
understand will be a strong post for their plans
But I intend to send all that are of a
doubtful character in conveyances together under
an Escort direct - I have secured as many
from the Hills as were deemed advisable to be
secured & they are now at Newport - about 40 or

Page 2:
more I believed. I trust you will be fully
satisfied about the service of the Lists of Witnesses
& I shall be glad to hear from you decisively
thereon &c W.T.H. Phelps

George Maule Esq Newport 24th Decr 1839



Page 3:

Mr Phelps 's letter to Mr
Maule of 25th. Decr last

[at foot]



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