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[top right] Page 41 Document No 778

Beaufort Arms


2nd January 1840

My Dear Sir

The Grand Jury have called
upon me to prefer all the Bills we intend to
proceed upon this morning I have prepared
the Indictments against

Thomas Morgan No 25

Thomas Davies 15 for conspiracy

John Batten the younger No 37

William Jones 39

John Fisher 42 and

Edward Pilinger 48 for Riot

But there remains upon the Calendar

Thomas Davies No 5 for being found proceeding
towrads the mob on the morning
of the 4th November from Newport
(who were advancing upon the
Town) with the following weapons
concealed about his person
a formidable cutlass
a dreadful sort of pike with a
hammer at one end and a
Dagger at the other -

Page 2:
a loaded pistol with a cap on
a powder fask full of powder
a tobacco Box full of Copper caps
Another cutlass
Two Knives
Bullets &c also

John Lewis Llewellyn - No 20


For whose apprehension ‚£100
Reward was offered by the
Magistrates and who stand charged
with conspiracy and sedition upon
inquisitionable evidence and

William Davies No 43 against whom a case

of Treason and Conspiracy can
clearly be supported - these case
are to be disposed of - I have
Stated to the Magistrates that the
cases are not sufficiently strong
to proceed against

Edward Frost 41 and

Ebeneezer Williams 44


For the offence with which they are

Charged and against whom no Bills

Page 3:
will be preffered

In consequence of the strong opinion you
yesterday expressed in the case of Partridge as
to the attorney general's intentions regarding
all the known cases excepting those you gave
me the draft Indictments against and which
have been proceeded upon I wish to know
distinctly from the Crown what course they
mean to adopt in the cases before referred to
that I may act accordingly for should the
Crown decide to prosecute further I feel
it my duty to state that I am directed by
the Magistrates to present to the Grand Jury
the charges capable of being proved against
the Prisoners before named in order to their
being dealt as they may deem proper -

I have been directed to prefer a Bill against
Samuel Etheridge No 19 which I have
done. But beg you to inform me as early
as possible what course I am to pursue as
regards the Crown

And I remain

My Dear Sir

Yours faithfully Wm T.H.Phelps

Page 4:
Copy Letter to

Geo Maule Esq

2 Jany 1840

[Shown vertically]


Monmouth - 2 Jan

Copy Letter to

Geo Maule Esq

as to further


[at foot]

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