• Newport Chartists Vol.24, p.43

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Page 1:
[in pencil] Page 43. Document No. [blank]

_______________________ 2/12/39

My Dear Sir
The Grand Jury

have called upon me
to prefer all the Bills
we intend this morn-g
I have prepared the Indictments
ag-st Thomas Morgan
No 25. Thomas Davies No 15
for Conspiracy and Riot
Against John Batten the Younger
No. 37 William Jones[*] No 39. John
Fisher No 42 and Edward
Pillinger No 48 for Riot

[* William Jones of Sirhowy, collier? ]

Page 2:
but there remains Thomas
Davies No 5 for being found
going towards the Cefn when
the Mob were advancing
upon Newport and being
found with Weapons
of the foll-g description
Concealed about his person
A formidable Cutlass a dreadful
sort of Pike with a Hammer
at one End and a Dagger
at the other A loaded Pistol
with a Cap on : Powder flask
full of powder A Tobacco
Box full of Caps & another Cutlass

Page 3:
two Knives, Balls, &c
Jn-o Thomas Llewellin[*] No 20
for whose apprehension 100‚£ was
offered & who stands charged
with Conspiracy & Sedition
upon unquestionable Evidence
and Wm Davies 43 ag-st whom
a case of Treason and Conspiracy
can be clearly supported :
Ag-st Edwd Frost and Ebenezer
Williams 41 and 44 I have stated
to the Magistrates that the Cases
are not sufficiently important
to proceed ag-st But sent the cases

[* recte: Jno Lewis Llewellin?]

Newport Public Reference Libraries

Page 4:
referred to wish to know distinctly
what course I am to adopt
and if the Crown decline
to prosecute ^ in these cases I beg to state that I am directed
^ by the Magistrates to present them to the
Grand Jury - to be dealt
with as they may think
proper. Pray inform
me what course the Crown
will take that I may prefer
accordingly & I am my dr Sir
_________________Yours faithfully
__________________ WTH Phelps

Geo Maule Esq______ Beaufort Arms
___________________________2 Jan 1839
Sol Treasury

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