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Page 1:
Dear Sir,

Three of the Men
mentioned in this Warrant
I have taken, and left them
at the Poor House, the
other Two I have no doubt
will be taken tonight. had
I not better take up the
Car [carriage] with me this Evening
and bring back [??] part of
the Witness's with the
other Prisoners. If convenient
Newport Public Reference Libraries circular stamp embossed near bottom center of page

Page 2:
I should be glad to see
you one Minute or
Two in your Town[?]. Please
send me back the Warrants
I am Obt Sevt

Thomas Watts

Page 3:
T H Phelps Esqr

[at foot]
Thos Watts

Page 4:
[Top right/backing paper]

[top right of document]


Dear Sir

I am afraid
you will incur some

inconvenience respecting
Lord G Somerset . It is
most likely I think that
his Lordship will not be
Examined untill Tuesday
but it cannot be

Page 5:
[Top left encircled]

condoned by any means
as certain, and I think it
is very desirable that you
should in some way obtain
the Acquiesance of the Prisoner
or those who act for him
to Lord G absence - I regret
to say, that I fear Pollock &
Kelly are gone to Ross to
remain at the Inn there
untill (I suppose) to
morrow Evening, I send

Page 6:
you a note to Sir Frederic
if you think it right to
forward it - he Sir F. is
intimate with Lord G
and will be very desirous
to consider his Lordships

I am Dear Sir
Yours faithfully
Tho.. Wilde

Saturday Evening

[lines1&3: Sir Frederic /Sir F = Sir Frederick Pollock]
[line 4: Lord G : Lord Granville Somerset?]

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