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CRICCIETH - The Town Parliament.
The River Cwrt is the stream which flows down through Criccieth and under the Main Road at “Pont Cwrt” (Cwrt Bridge). Today it does not look like a bridge as it then enters a culvert and can’t be seen
again until it empties on to the beach at Abermarchnad. The bridge is a busy place where people stop to chat. In days past the men would gather there to discuss local events and solve the world’s problems. The articles below, written under the heading “Senedd Pont y Cwrt” (The Cwrt Bridge Parliament), were published in a weekly newspaper during the First World War. They are written in a humorous style but sometimes with a serious undertone. The author is unknown and signs his name “Correspondent”. “ Y Genedl Gymreig” was a weekly Welsh language newspaper and supporter of Radical principles established in 1877. From 1892 onwards it supported the Liberal Party. Here are three short excerpts. The articles are longer and worth reading on the Welsh Newspapers website at the National Library of Wales. They are written in very colloquial Welsh and would lose their meaning if translated. Here is a summary. a. The periscope of a German submarine has been sighted near Afon Wen. The Parliament adjourned to make an inspection. On closer examination it turned out to be the neck of a large swan. b. The Captain complains of the lack of musical entertainment because of the War. The Shopkeeper discusses the flautist who was told to stop playing his flute on Marine Terrace so waded out to sea up to his shoulders and carried on playing. The Grocer mentions the delivery boy with his handcart singing “Tipperary” on the top of his voice.
c. The Speaker brings up the question of the language spoken at the Town Council meetings. It’s in English but not as we know it! He gives some examples. .. “Should it be for the Finance committee or the General purpose meeting or should it be considered by the Sanitary Committee?” “ You must give notice of a motion as per the Standing Orders?”. “Is it in order to discuss tenders ...” etc. “This is shameful, neither animal, fish or red herring. We must pass a resolution to stop people going on the council and speak this lobscous language”.

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