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A black and white photograph of notables men gathered for the Jubilee of the Swansea Synagogue on 26 May 1909. The Swansea synagogue referred to in the text above the photograph became known as Goat Street Synagogue following the completion of a new synagogue on the eponymous street in 1859. The Goat Street Synagogue was built to accommodate Swansea's growing Jewish congregation and it had room for 120 men and 108 women. The Jubilee - which the photograph celebrates - marked the 50th Anniversary of Goat Street Synagogue. The Chief Rabbi Hermann Adler who had consecrated and opened the synagogue on 25 September 1859 was in attendance. Among the men in the photograph is Mr I. R. Levi who was greatly involved in Goat Street's congregation. From 1903 to 1933 he always held some kind of office in the synagogue. For a time he was its Joint President and he also spent time as its Treasurer. In 1919 his efforts were rewarded when he was made Honorary Life President and Trustee to the Congregation. Mr Levi died in 1934. Sources:, Swansea Hebrew Congregation Swansea, (2017), [accessed 10 May 2021] Saunders, N. H. The Swansea Jewish Community: Beginning and Becomings, (Swansea: Unpublished, 1980).

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