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Glenys James continues to speak to Dave Roberts about his experiences of living in Canada. He recalls being particularly grateful for the companionship of the young congregation when he first moved to the country, as well as the interesting debates they would hold in the Church. Lydia Watkins Galt then sings some songs learnt during her school days including ‘Anwylaf lecyn byd imi yw Cymru fechan lon.’ ‘Tra bo dau’ and ‘Y gelynen.’ Idris Hughes then talks to Glenys James about going to school in the colony in Patagonia. He recites an Argentinian pledge that was said every school day in Gaiman, Chubut. His family moved to Canada, following his uncle who lived near London, Vancouver, when life became increasingly difficult in the colony. Though only having family members to speak Welsh to, he has kept his Welsh throughout the years. He ends by singing ‘Ffawrel i Walia fy ngwlad,’ ‘Cyfri'r geifr’ and ‘Neithiwn yr enthym i dŷ fy nhad.’

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