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Article taken from ‘Y Drych,’ a newspaper printed in and widely circulated in America. This article is a typical example of the “success” stories used to encourage Welsh Patagonians to emigrate and settle in Canada. It was thought to be too expensive to ‘fix’ the issues of flooding and irrigation in the Wladfa, and so instead the British government offered subsidised passage to Canada and cheap land upon arrival. NB. These are translations from an accurate transcriptions of the relevant article. The information offered on the website is not wholly accurate. Members of Parliament coming to Canada. Upon the approval of W.G. Griffith, the representative of the Canadian Government in Wales, the High Deputy of the Province in London invited Lloyd George, A.S., W.J. Rees, Swansea and Llywelyn Williams M.A., barristers to visit Canada. They sailed from Liverpool aboard the Bouvarian on the 24th of November; and they shall visit among other places British Columbia, and the outskirts of Klondike. So many Welsh families have settled in Canada, and so much interest is felt in the Province, that Wales as a whole will want to know what these three great men have to say about that country. It is also said that W. Jones, A.S., will be coming over from Ireland in the autumn. A request has been sent to him to deliver a series of lectures at various locations in the United States

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