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Superb condition, 18 inch early Victorian decorated truncheon.

Skillfully painted by hand with a Hanovarian coat of arms. The small central / inner shield was later dropped from the Royal coat of arms of Queen Victoria, so this dates it to being the early years of her reign......late 1830's.
Probably pre-dating professional policing as we recognise it and is most likely one carried by a Parish Constable.

A Parish Constable was a law enforcement officer who served within his local Parish. The position was usually a requirement and when it came for your 'turn', part-time and usually for a period of twelve months. If you had a full time job, you also had to fulfill this position at the same time. The Parish has not been identified.

At the time, the majority of the population were illiterate, so this was a way of showing a form of 'picture', where the holder could prove that he was acting lawfully, with authority and on behalf of the Crown.

This truncheon comes from an extensive and privately owned collection, the largest of its type in Wales.

*The Ross Mather Police Memorabilia of Wales Collection

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