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This photograph was sent to us by John Sidoli of his Mother, Rina Sidoli, who was in the Women's Land Army.
John said: "My Mother was Rina Sidoli. She was born in Rumney, South Wales, to Italian parents. She was in the Land Army at Church Farm Leominster Heriford. Later in the 60s, my mam would visit the farm in the school holidays, and she would take my sister and me for a weeks holiday. We also visited the farm in 1981, taking my wife and my children. We told the farm's new owners that my mam was a Land Girl, and they made us feel welcome. We had a walk all around the farm with the owner, and my mother didn't stop telling us her memories. In one barn, my mam said, "in this barn, I wrote a poem about my favourite horse Poppet", and although the barn had been renovated and all the old plaster hacked off, my mams poem had been left and not disturbed."

"Just down the road from the farm was the Cadbury's Chocolate Factory. My Mam told me that the lorry would come and collect the milk every morning from the farm and take it to the Cadbury's Factory. One morning a man came from the Cadbury's Factory to tell my Mam that the cream content was low for the amount of milk. So, one morning after milking the cows, my Mam put the milk ready for collection, and my Mam hid out of sight. After a while, one of the land girls came in and started to skim the cream of the top of the milk."

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