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"An oral history interview with Angela Nation Barnes in Cardiff, discussing her experience of growing up within a family which migrated from the Caribbean during the 1970s. “I enjoyed my family’s company… of course, there were times that it was rough and difficult…”
Angela Nation Barnes was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in She docked in Southampton with her dad aged 13 in 1971.
“I was brought up in church to attend Sunday school… that was good for me, that was a good seed planted in my life.”
“My future ambition [was] to become a stenographer.”
“It was a culture shock for me. I remember my first meal of steak and kidney pie… I thought ‘Oh, this is quite nice’.”
“My dad owned a café in Bute Street, [called] Nations Café. [People] used to come and play dominoes there… my dad was very hospitable… [it] was very nice kind community spirit.”
“I remember all that I was taught from home… I was part of the community for my cooking, creating my own recipes… I used to cook when we [went] the blues…give fried dumplings and saltfish, but I have cooked rice and peas and chicken and so forth…cooking was my passion…”
“Further down in the 70s, I came second in Miss Butetown in the bay. [When] I became pregnant… I still took a lot of different courses… and built myself up from there in the community…”
“I’ve also had a High Sheriff award.”
“I experienced racism indirect[ly]… they thought to isolate me… I forgive them because… I’m living now as a Christian, I am able to forgive and I have made mistakes because I’m human…”
“I’ve lived here quite a long time, so I’ve sort of adapted to things and being a British citizen, but I still miss home. I wish I could go home every year… In my heart, I feel Jamaican.”

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