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Other than the Petit blanc there were four other coins and one jetton that were found on the ship. The other four coins are all portuguese. There are two types of coins. Three of the four coins are ceitil's which are associated with Alfonso V who ruled from 1438. The ceitel is a copper coin introduced by Joao I but they were produced in large numbers in the reign of Alfonso V where these coins came from. The other coin is a real preto from King Duarte I reign who was the father of Alfonso. The real preto is also copper. The jetton is folded and has an 'African' head on one side and a Fleus- de-lis on the another. This means it is perhapsof European descent. It is made out of a copper alloy. Jettons were not actually currency they were counters that usually had coats of arms and heads on the side. They were also used for accounting processes.

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