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The Ghost of Pwll Berw, Llanystumdwy.

Here is a story by Guto Roberts, Author, actor and raconteur, from Rhoslan near Criccieth. -

I heard an interesting story from John Hughes, The Smithy, Plas Hen-and here it is:

He and Ken Roberts, Kenmor, Criccieth, had gone fishing to the Dwyfor River, to Pwll Berw below Trefan Hall. John Hughes was fishing at one end of the lake and Ken at the other, and this is how John Hughes wrote to me:

"It was about halfpast midnight and I was kneeling with my back to the river with a small light on the floor in front of me putting new bait on my hook. Suddenly I heard Ken shouting at me to turn off the light - and I did, even though I'm sure there was no light from it going on the lake.

"After I turned towards the river I saw that the whole lake was glowing, even though there was no light to be seen anywhere, but in the opposite direction, on the rock on the other side of the lake there was a man standing. He could be seen clearly, with all white clothes. He had a coat of homespun cloth, plus fours, and a deer-stalker hat on his head. 'He had a small beard on his chin. The strange thing was that all his clothes were white – which no one would use to go fishing at night.

"Ken shouted: "Who is it?'

I asked the man if he had caught some fish, but I didn't get an answer. I asked again, and this time in English, but no answer came - he just stood still on the rock, and after he had been like that for four or five minutes I saw him turn and walk straight to the trees and disappear. Ken came up to me and asked who or what he was. If he was a fisherman - how was he able to go through the woods without light? 'Even though we walked back and forth, we never saw him again.

"After a day or two I told the story to someone in the village who was quite old and the first thing he said was that we had seen the old owner of the Hall - and according to my description of the man, he had no doubt that it was him".

Source : AR LAFAR GWLAD YN EIFIONYDD (Rural anecdotes from Eifionydd) by Guto Roberts.

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