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In My Blood

David Shepherd’s end of day ritual sees him making the short walk from his land to his farmhouse. Here he’ll meticulously log the details of the day’s farming - seed quality, growth progress, crop and soil health and changes, losses, trades, finances, the weather, amount of rainfall, phone calls, successes and failures. He’ll do this again tomorrow and the next day, as he has for decades.He has always worked the land, it’s been in his heart since growing vegetables for his father’s garden market as a teenager. At 16 David lost his father and set out to become a farmer in his own right. With a lot to learn, what followed was years of financial pressure and the shifting sands of our nation’s relationship with food.Now with a lifetime of experience behind him, fear of failure is in the past, but every seasons brings a new challenge. He must continue to protect the future of his farm and family.

“It’s more than just a living, it’s a way of life. It’s part of you.”

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