Many Hands Make Light Work

John was a post-graduate career starter when his father fell ill, ultimately calling on him to return home and continue the farm’s work in his father’s absence. Family expectations and John’s sense of duty would have it no other way.

Bethan was a maths teacher with a life away from farming. With her marriage to John came the opportunity to embrace her childhood love of cows and follow in her grandmother’s dairy farming footsteps. Together they established both farm and family, nestled in the acreage of a precious piece of family history dating back over 200 years.

Despite the farm pulling both Bethan and John away from their outside lives, there isn’t an ounce of resentment or bitterness. They are instead full of love and pride for their lives; seeing their place in the world as one of community contribution and custodial importance.

Their experience has left them with a driving recognition of the impact their choices have on their children. With this they endeavour to provide a life full of both on-farm and outside-world experience, but with such a rich extended history to this family farm, they still hope their children will eventually take over. Recognising all the while that it’s ultimately their choice, Bethan and John’s work to relieve any pressure ensures that when that day comes the children can choose to embrace it with open arms if they wish.

Today Mali and Abner adore the farm and work alongside their parents at every given opportunity, full of enthusiasm and plans for the future.

“When you’ve got a family you’re in it together… and if we pull together there will be a future.”

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