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Brian Anthony Arthur Lewis, born on May 1, 1936, in Llanelli, shares memories of his long-standing friendship with Father Paul Sartori's family. Brian knew Paul's brother, Anthony, more closely, as they were friends from school and maintained their friendship throughout life. Brian recollects how Paul once kindly took his classmates to his house to feed them when Anthony was absent from school due to illness.

Another touching memory Brian shares is when Father Sartori personally visited him and encouraged him to return to church, emphasizing that the congregation was the church's heart. Father Sartori's compassionate nature and dedication left a lasting impression on Brian.

In summary, Brian highlights Father Sartori's charisma, kindness, and approachability, emphasizing his impact as a good parish priest. Despite his fading memory, Brian vividly recalls the positive influence of the Sartori family on his life and their close bond as friends.

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