Pages from Cardiff United Synagogue Burial Board minute book, 07 June 1944 to 05 May 1958. The first section of the Burial Board minute book is an A-Z index of topics and individuals referencing the numbered pages in the main part of the volume.

As well as giving the date, location and time of the meeting, it also includes information on who was present and apologies for non-attendance. It also lists the chairman of the meetings and talking points.

The Burial Board met to discuss matters such as the reservation of graves, improvements in the cemetery and the Chevrah Kadisha [a group of members of the Jewish community who care for the deceased and prepare them for burial]. The Board also discussed the provision of water at the cemetery, funeral expenses, watchers' fees, and memorials.

The Cardiff United Synagogue was established in 1942 when the Cardiff Hebrew Congregation and the Cardiff New Hebrew Congregation were united into a single organisation. The community dates back to the arrival of Levi Marks and his family in the 1810s.

After meeting in various places, the Cardiff Hebrew Congregation built a synagogue in East Terrace in 1858. The congregation outgrew these premises, and a new synagogue was opened on Cathedral Road in 1897. In the late 1890s, a group of recent immigrants left the "Englisher shul" to form the "foreigners' shul", formally known as the Cardiff New Hebrew Congregation. They worshipped at Edward Place, then moved to Windsor Place in 1918.

After the 1942 reunification, the Cardiff United Synagogue continued to use both the Windsor Place and the Cathedral Road synagogues until 1955 when the lease on the former expired, and a new synagogue was built on Ty-Gwyn Road in Penylan. The Cathedral Road synagogue was in use until 1988. The Penylan synagogue was replaced in 2003 by the current premises in Cyncoed Gardens.


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Depository: Glamorgan Archives: D765/6/3.

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