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Autobiography by Geoff Dendle - Memories if growing up in Swansea in the 1950’s. A book available on Amazon and as a free podcast.[What are the strong memories we all have from growing up? The experiences in a world that was, in many ways, so very different from today. It is said that previous generations had more freedoms in their lives but that also their opportunities and experiences were more limited. This is my collection of memories growing up in a post-war era in Swansea, a South Wales town, that at that time could serve all our needs. The stories are random but may echo with many and for younger people illustrate a time gone by. I hope they will amuse all with the contrasts and incidents which may seem peculiar in the present day but will have been more common place in that time.]Chapters: Introduction ; At first ; Going to school ; Jack’s House for tea ; Tonsils op ; Dressing up ; Comics ; The Second World War ; Family ; Stouthall ; Reading ; Dad’s first car ; Pets ; Buses ; Fires and Dramatic events ; Holidays ; Scouts ; Playing ; Games ; Food ; Television ; The Sea ; Church and Sunday School ; Differences ; Houses ; Swansea ; Postscript ; End piece.

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