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Val and Gwyn Evans
Val was born in 1946 at the top of Cwmparc (Parc Road) and went to school there before grammar school. She then worked full time at the Treherbert Youth Centre.
Gwyn was born in Upper Cwmtwrch in the Swansea Valley in 1941. After attending College in Cardiff, he taught in the Rhondda. In 1968 he was Head of Treherbert Youth Centre.
They moved to Parc Isaf Farm, Cwmparc in 1975 where they brought up their 4 children, Nick, Luc, Daniel and Sera. Daniel is a well known actor and theatre director and is now Head of the Royal Shakespeare Company.
Gwyn became Chairman of the Community Welfare Association which was established to refurbish Cwmparc Hall after its closure. It was successfully reopened in 1987. Val also served on the committee.
Both Val and Gwyn worked with others on the recent committee to erect a memorial for the bombing of Cwmparc during the Second World War.
Interview breakdown
[00:02] Val speaks about her childhood growing up in Cwmparc and the community back then
[01:52] Val speaks about the natural environment in Cwmparc
[3:10] Gwyn describes how it was to move from Swansea valley to Cwmparc
[4:11] Val discusses the transport links between Cwmparc and Treorchy
[5:33] Gwyn discusses the difference between Cwmparc and Treorchy
[6:04] Val and Gwyn discuss the importance of the chapel
[6:42] Val and Gwyn speak about the historical importance of Cwmparc, how it has changed and why it should be remembered
[8:25] Gwyn describes Railway Terrace – ‘Tub row’
[9:14] Gwyn on the significance of Cwmparc (Parc) Hall
[9:48] Val on the importance of the library in Parc Hall
[10:26] The Snooker tables for younger men
[11:02] The importance of Parc Hall for the community
[11:33] Parc Hall theatre
[13:12] Val on how Parc Hall theatre sparked her lifelong interest in theatre
[13:46] Gwyn on the importance of the jazz bands
[14:35] Gwyn- Parc Hall fates
[14:54] Gwyn on the importance of the Welsh language in Cwmparc
[15:58] A funny story about Gwyn, the goat in Cwmpark (in Welsh)
[20:18] Gwyn’s funny story about his horse, Brown Lad

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