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A map of Treforest Trading Estate in Pontypridd showing the location of various factories in relation to the River Taff. The following factories refer to the numbers in yellow on the map:

1. Labin Co.; Arthur Weil Ltd.; Gustav Holzer Ltd.
2. Aero Zipp Fasteners
3. B. Prince & Co.; E.M. Manufacturing
4. Blossom Ltd.; Burlington Gloves Ltd.; General Music Strings Ltd.; Lionite Chemicals; Nova Oil & Solvent Co.
5. Burry Son & Co.; Mechanical Swiss Embroidery Co.; Mendle Bros. Ltd.; Micalectric Ltd.; Polya Leather Gloves
6. Cutrilin Ltd.; Perma Products
7. Elco (Treforest) Ltd.; J. Engl Ltd
8. Embee Abrasives Co.
9. Finetex Manufacturing (J. Loewenstern), H. Dixon & Son Western Brush
10. General Paper & Box Mfg. Ltd.
11. H. Stainer & Co.
12. Jacob Beatus Ltd.; Phoenix Straps (Grunberger & Co) Ltd.
13. Lion Leather Ltd.
14. Metal Alloys (S. Wales) Ltd.
15. Metal Products (Treforest) Ltd.
16. O.P. Chocolate Ltd.
17. Pearl Varnish Co. Ltd.
18. Rosedale
19. Steinburg Ltd.
20. Treforest Chemical Co.
21. Treforest Chrome Leather
22. Treforest Silk Printers Ltd.
23. Trehawk/Hawk Ltd.
24. Unbreakable Pencils & Chalks Ltd.
25. Western Board Mills Ltd.

About Treforest Trading Estate

Treforest Trading Estate was set up as part of the Special Areas Act of 1934. The Act was created to help parts of Britain with high unemployment, and it offered support to businesses to set up in these areas. When the Nazis began seizing Jewish businesses in Germany in the years after 1933, many Jewish refugees fled here to establish their businesses with help from this scheme. By May 1940, 55 businesses started by Jewish refugees were running at Treforest. They provided jobs for around 1800 local people.


Created by Dr Tiffany Beebe

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