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The aircraft named MI LAINE was caught in thick fog on 4 June 1943 and was descending to find a place to land. It flew into a hay barn at Penrhyn Farm at Pwll, near Llanelli, and exploded. The report compiled on the incident noted that the B-26 was on a squadron transfer flight from Port Lyautey, Morocco, to St Eval when it crashed three miles southeast of RAF Pembrey at 16:15 hours. The plane was assigned to VIII AFBC, 322nd Bomb Group, 449th Bomb Squadron.The weather ceiling and visibility were both zero, with a solid overcast and light rain. Investigators summarized the cause of the loss as an instrument let-down over hills with clouds in unfamiliar territory, with no radio or blind approach facilities available. The aircraft was flying level at quite a high speed when it hit a tree with its left engine, then struck a hayrick with its right engine, glanced off a bank, shed the left outboard wing panel and the left horizontal stabiliser, and dropped over a second bank on the other side of the field, dropping the left engine near the bank. It then crashed in the centre of the field, bursting into flames. The path of the main parts of the plane could be clearly followed. None of the control pedestal could be found to allow a check of the control positions.

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