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This information means a great deal to me. I grew up in the village of Llangynwyd in Glamorgan. This is where I believe Hiram Davies came from. To my sorrow, I knew nothing of Hiram's life but remember his lovely wife and son Dafydd. Only now do I understand why everyone treated Dafydd with a quiet respect. He was a young man with great academic ability according to his teachers and it was assumed that he would go on to University from school. This was not to be. Dafydd obviously had seen what war had done to his father and understandably became a concientious objector. This was my early experience of a young person excercising great strength of character. This resulted in his having to work in the mines.

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Thank you for your comment. If I have understood your poignant story correctly. Did Dafydd sacrifice his academic career to instead support his mother and father by working in the mines?