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David Lloyd George married his first wife, Margaret Owen, in 1888. The had five children: Richard (1889), Mair (1890, who died in 1907), Olwen (1892), Gwilym (1894) and Megan (1902). Dame Margaret found life in London very difficult, she did not like the place at all. Even though she lived at both Number 11 and Number 10 Downing Street, her home and her heart were in Cricieth. This kept the couple apart geographically, and this led to a growing apart in their relationship with each other. But this did not lead to a formal separation, still less a divorce, and even after years of estrangement they came together in Antibes to celebrate their golden wedding in 1938. Of the children, Lloyd George's closest relationship was with Megan and supported fully her political ambitions.

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