Blitz damage in Swansea, looking west over College Street and High Street
Personal Memories:
The image shows a wide vista of the damage, and it shows the clearance in progress (Katryn Jones)
I can remember going onto the Common in Porthcawl and seeing Swansea ablaze. We were very worried as my grandparents lived in Swansea (Ffynone and Newton), and we were unable to contact them. We had a car, and went to Swansea to see if they were alright; luckily they were; but many streets were closed, and there was broken glass and debris everywhere in the centre. I was 5 in 1940, and had already been bombed in Cardiff, but I still remember Swansea burning with horror. (Philip Rogers)
Waves of rats came running through the streets of Swansea after they had been disturbed by the bombing of the docks. (Anne Thomas)

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