Gwyn Rees is the son of David Gwilym Rees who emmigrated to Patagonia in 1905. Seen in this picture is his and his wife Marta. Also in the picture is Dafydd Rees who is the son of Tom Gwilyn Rees, brother of David Gwilym Rees.

David Gwilym Rees and William Gwilym Rees were the sons of David Gwilym Rees (same name) and Gwenllian Gwilym Rees. The family home was Pencaerlan, Seven Sisters, Neath Port Talbot. The two brothers were sent to Patagonia in 1905 following the death of their brother Rees (Rhys) Gwilym Rees who emigrated around 1885. The purpose of the journey to the ‘Wladfa’ was to settle the estate of their brother. The two brothers remained in Patagonia and both lived out the rest of their lives there. Descendants of David Gwilym Rees continue to live in the Gaiman region today.

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