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Thomas Benbow Phillips (1829 - 1915) pioneer of the Welsh settlement in Brazil between 1850-1854. In September 1850, he left the first Welsh settlers on board the Rio Grande do Sul for Irene. By September 1851 six groups had joined Thomas Benbow Phillips in the new colony in Brazil. Phillips registered the colony under the name 'Nova Cambria', translating as New Wales. Although about 100 have moved to Nova Cambria by 1852 and that the situation is promising as an enterprise, by October 1854 the colony has all but disappeared. In this manuscript Phillips has also listed the settlers who traveled on the first ship, Irene to Rio Grande do Sul on the 10th of March 1850.Trascription:List of settlers going to Rio Grande do Sul in the English ship Naiad leaving Liverpool in 25 May 1851. David DaviesWales41RhymneyMonmouthshire, married, farmer[1]Jane DaviesWales48RhymneyMonmouthshire, his wifeReis DaviesWales9RhymneyMonmouthshire, his sonRachael DaviesWales7RhymneyMonmouthshire, his daughterMargaret DaviesWales5RhymneyMonmouthshire, his daughterWilliam DaviesWales2RhymneyMonmouthshire, his sonDavid DaviesWales40RhymneyMonmouthshire, single, servantAnn MorganWales18TredegarMonmouthshire, single, servantMorgan JonesWales20BrynmawrBreconshire, married, farmerCharlotte JonesWales20BrynmawrBreconshire, his wifeHugh HughesWales26Llanejoq?Denbighshire, married, farrierMargaret HughesWales24Llanejoq?Denbighshire, his wifeWilliam HughesWales25AngleseaAnglesea, single, farmer List of persons going out in the Irene (September 1850) adultschildren[2] John ... Rosa Maria Bowen4 William Davies Wife & child21John Davies Wife & child21... .ram? Wife 3 children23Reis Williams Wife20Peter... Wife & 2 children22Henry Beutler?1 David Welsh? Wife & Children24... Philips & Wife2 John Benbow Wife2 ... Morgan Wife & 2 children22Mayach & John ... ...2 John ...3[3] [1] Lavrador, from Latin laborator, in turn from labor, which means "work". The meaning is not consistent throughout dictionaries. It is associated with agriculture and can be interpreted in three ways: 1."plowman, tiller of the soil", one who plows; or 2. Farmer, one who lives off the lands; or 3. Owner of lands.[2] Numbers 26 and 11 added at a later date[3] Two signatures sideways: M.. R.... and M. Davids

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