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Peace and Goodwill Message Poster for 2000. Themes: developments in global cooperation (eg UN, Christian Aid, Oxfam, Medecins Sans Frontières, Red Cross), build on the cooperation of the past, continue to learn from past mistakes to create a more peaceful world, composed by Ysgol Glanclwyd.
Quote: "A century of fighting, say the historians, a century of working together to break down the barriers between counties, say we. Never before has there been so much co-operation between nations. This is the century that has seen the foundation of the United Nations, Christian Aid, Oxfam, and Medecins Sans Frontières and the expansion of the Red Cross. We now live in an age where a country struck by a natural disaster such as an earthquake or floods can be certain of immediate aid, regardless of past quarrels. As the children and young people of the world we play an important part in all this by raising funds for various good causes. And it is WE, in this century, who will move forward with this work. Let us, the youngsters of the world, build on the co-operation of the past, and learn from the mistakes of the past, in order to created world peace.”

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