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French Aircraft carrier in Newport Docks 1946
The Dixmude is loading a cargo of prefabs for use in FranceFor the Torch landings, HMS Biter was part of the covering force off Oran. The force comprised the battleship Rodney, the carriers Argus and Dasher, the light cruiser Delhi and nine destroyers. Flying operations began on 8 November 1942, but after a Sea Hurricane crashed into her bridge Biter was temporarily put out of action. One Sea Hurricane was shot down by a Vichy French Dewoitine D.520
The Bitter then worked as a convoy escort between South America and Europe she was returned to the U.S. Navy on 9th April 1945. She underwent a refit and was loaned to the French Navy where she was renamed Dixmude. The Flotille 3FB equipped with Douglas Dauntless dive bombers served on the ship between 1945 and 1949. serving in Vietnam. On 24th January 1951, she was removed from the U.S navy register and disarmed during her next refit between 1951–1953.She then became an accommodation ship until 1965, when she was returned to the U.S Navy who sunk her as a target ship on 10th June 1966.

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