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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day.
CND Heddwch 24 Winter 2000-2001 Eng.pdf
Page 1:
• Stop USA’s ‘star wars’ lunacy! - Cartoon.
Page 2:
• United States National Missile Defence - Clinton ducks the issue but war preparations go ahead anyway.
Page 3:
• What is US ‘National Missile Defence’ (NMD)?
• Helen on NATO (the “Nuclear American Take Over)
• Comment - The power of direct action.
Page 4:
• News round up:
• French call for a nuclear weapon for the European Union
• Signs that the USA is preparing for war (and that Britain is to be its nuclear aircraft carrier again)
• More signs of US war preparations
• Ethical millstone dropped - Labour party no longer referring to an ethical foreign policy.
• Depleted uranium debate - Disagreements about DU dangers continue.
Page 5:
• News round up cont.:
• Nuclear submarines - wasting life for nothing - Plans to raise the nuclear reactors of Kursk.
• Final victory for Aleksandr Nikitin - Attempt to revers Nikitin’s acquittal is dismissed.
• Sellafield: a government blind to the facts? - Labour has lobbied for new reprocessing at Sellafield.
• Diego Garcians: people, or pawns in a nuclear game? - It’s time for justice for the people of Diego Garcia.
Page 6:
• Nuclear procedures - conventional weapons - US Intelligent Agency document “Iraq Treatment Vulnerabilities’ obtained.
• Scottish Nationalist Leader says “Trident out”
• A vision for Trecwn - Plans to store nuclear waste at Trecwn have stalled.
Page 7:
• Trident Ploughshares 2000: Blockade of Faslane August 1st 2000
Page 8:
• The dream of young Yugoslavs: a world without borders, a world at peace - Rachel Sweeting discusses her trip to Yugoslavia.
Page 9:
• Pact - Poem by R.S. Thomas.
• Neither legal nor moral - Available from the Committee for Peace in the Balkans.
• The End of the World is in the Mail - Envelopes to protest nuclear submarine stamps.
Page 10:
• Campaign updates:
• Calls from Hiroshima August 2000 - Excerpts from the Declaration of the 2000 World Conference against A & H-bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
• Hiroshima & Nagasaki remembered
• CND makes a fine point at Flyingdales, Aldermaston and Downing Street - “Point the Finger’ season of campaigns.
• Caernarfon Mayor signs international appeal to scrap nuclear weapons
Page 11:
• Time for Peace by Janet Ganguli - Book review.
• Trident Ploughshares trials
• A serious dilemma for the jury at the ‘Trash Trident’ trial
• AMs support Faslane blockade
Page 12:
• Support for arrested councillors - The Paisley North branch of the SNO praises Renfrewshire councillors on nuclear weapons stance.
• Iraq protest halts Whitehall - Protests in London call for Iraq sanctions to be lifted.
• Pembrokeshire protester stops the Millennium Wheel
• Trade Unions join CND in rejecting “Star Wars”
• No to NATO - CND demonstration at the NATO Defence Ministers meeting.
• Gibraltar protests
• Charges against US ELF disarmers dropped
Page 13:
• More US Plowshares charges dropped: “our security is neither in wealth nor in war”
• Chelyabinsk authorities speak out against nuclear waste imports
• Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom - WILPF is active in South Wales.
• The tooth fairy looks for the truth about nuclear pollution - Donate your children’s baby teeth for radioactivity research.
Page 14:
• Diary dates
• Calling all students! - Launching the CND Student Network.
• Greenham sculpture for Cardiff - your comments please.
• CND Cymru Contacts
• Heddwch contacts.

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