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It is believed that this truncheon was used to quell the Rebecca Riots in Carmarthenshire. It bears the Royal Arms of George the III. His reign ended in 1820, however, when the circumstances of the riots are considered it is still possible that the truncheon was used against Rebecca and her daughters between 1839 and 1844.

The west Wales authorities found themselves helpless against these attacks and requested help from the Government, who sent two metropolitan policemen from London in 1843. In desperation, the Magistrates of west Wales tried to swear in trustworthy farmers as special constables to help them keep law and order. Although many of the farmers received threatening letters from Rebecca and were even attacked to try to deter them, some must have taken up the challenge. It is possible that in their haste, there was no time to have truncheons made and that old issue ones were used. This would explain why the truncheon seems to pre-date the riots. The truncheon is marked with the word: LLANGENDEYRN. It is known that Rebecca attacked targets in Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, close to the village of Llangendeyrn on 4 February 1843 and returned again to that area in late summer of 1843.

Image reference number: DF003611_04

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