Rocky Valley, North Wale.

Oil on canvas on board, John Piper circa 1948.

The textured surface of this painting suggests the roughness of the rocks and the wildness of the climate. To achieve this Piper has laid the oil
paint on top of a gesso base. It is a near-abstract depiction of the Nant Ffrancon Pass and is based on the second and more elaborate drawing of The Head of the Nant Ffrancon Pass, about 1947.

Piper wrote in his notes of this area:

'Nant Ffrancon Jan 24 (45) 1945
Sunrise rosy pink. Glyders and Tryfan under snow, down to level of Idwal but not lower. High up in the sky yellowish rose-coloured mackerel clouds, lower rich yellow-pink flock clouds, and lower
still – immediately above Tryfan & The Glyders – curled meal-grey helm clouds.'
(John Piper, Notes on Snowdonia, Tate Archive)

Reference number: DA008129

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