Near and Far Rocks, Tryfan.

The first image is of an ink, watercolour and crayon piece on paper, created by John Piper circa 1950.

The second image is a photograph of the landscape depicted in John Piper's painting. This was taken by Amgueddfa Cymru / National Museum Wales in 2014.

The main focus in this painting is not Tryfan, which we see outlined in the background and represents the ‘far’ rocks, but the boulders in the
fore-ground, the ‘near’ rocks. At the bottom of the composition is a stream called Nant Gwern y Gof.
Near and Far Rocks, Tryfan, wasexhibited at the Bucholz Gallery, New York in 1950 along with many other scenes of Tryfan, including Jagged Rocks under Tryfan and Rock Formations.

Image reference number: DA008140 & DA006769_02

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