Margaret is from Betws y Coed originally and had kept a B&B there before moving to Carno. Her husband was from Carno originally and knew Meirion Rowlands, managing director at Laura Ashley, and he asked if there was a job there for her. Margaret said it was hard going into the factory, and it took her a while to get used to it. Everyone knew each other and she was a new girl. Every house in Carno had someone working there, sometimes whole families, husband, wife and children, if they'd grown up. She had two children and worked part time hours, 9-3. Her first job was on the overlocker, although she hadn't a clue how to use it. They gave her training and she says it took her six weeks to learn it, but in six weeks you knew quite a lot. Later she became a supervisor when the factory moved to Newtown and changed to soft furnishings. She retired at 60 but went back for a couple of years, not on the machines, but doing other things like customer service until she retired in 1999.

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