Photographed by Geoff Charles. This photograph shows Mrs. K. Morgan and Leslie Hughes, assisting with the work of clearing the house of Mr. John William Evans and Mrs. Mabel Evans, Garnedd Llwyd, Capel Celyn. Mr. and Mrs. Evans were both killed in a car accident near Cerrigydrudion, soon after this photograph was taken.

It was in 1955 that it was first announced that Liverpool Corporation was intending to build the new reservoir in the Tryweryn valley, drowning the village of Capel Celyn, north of Bala. Although a fierce protest campaign was launched by local residents, authorities, individuals and national institutions, all efforts to halt the building of the new reservoir ultimately failed. On 1 August 1957 the Liverpool Corporation Act was passed. Work began on the site three years later and was completed in August 1965.

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