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When I think of Christmas I always look back to the time where every year me, my brother and my aunty would have a "Silly String" fight. For those who have no idea what silly string is, it's like a liquid plastic that comes in an aerosol and looks like string.

Every Christmas morning me and my aunt would team up and "fight" against my brother, using only the silly string as a weapon. We had to come up with our own armour and the person or team with the least amount of silly string on them at the end of the fight would win.

My brother would always put time and effort into his armour, often made out of boxes and decorated with a name like this one "The Terminator T-1000". Us girls however made less of an effort, I remember one year we just wore black bin liners and this particular year we just wrapped ourselves in cling film which we could hardly move in.

As you can probably tell, we lost this particular year, and most years if I remember correctly!

Ah the good old days of the 1990s!

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