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General Committee Meeting

A number of the main members of the above committee met in Y Bala, 15 June, 1869, to receive Mr Lewis Jones' report of the occurrences in the Colony from the time of his departure from Patagonia to the present time, and to make plans for the future. As Mr L Jones was present at the meeting, he gave a detailed account about the occurrences of the settlement, some of which was very interesting and it took some time to go through them. The committee were pleased to understand, that despite all the misfortunes which he met in the Colony, all the unstinting efforts of her friends were crowned with success. This has given the Committee of the Colony renewed spirit and they will present all their working plans to the country soon.

As Mr Lewis Jones and his family are retiring to the Colony between now and October, we have decided to send a second group with him, so that they can be there ready to collect the next harvest. This group will also receive a free 100 acres of land for each family; but they cannot expect stock, tools, nor support which the first group were given. Therefore, the next group should be in possession of some money on their landing in the Colony. There is no need for a large group from Wales, but they will be expected to have certain qualifications in order to meet the present needs of the establishment.

The following address was read:

The Chupat Welsh Colonists address to Lewis Jones Esq

DEAR COMPATRIOT – We feel it is our obligation, and it gives us pleasure to take this opportunity as you are about to leave us to visit the Old Country, to thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the Colony.

When you came to us in May last year, our situation was only satisfactory in all aspects, and the Colony was on the brink of breaking up. We had mixed feelings then and it was good for us, by your perseverance and ability to keep the Colony together. This would not have been a success unless you had endeavoured to obtain valuable help from the Government of Argentina. We have some understanding of the difficulties and troubles you encountered with messages the two times you were in Buenos Aires during the last 10 months; but with your vast energy and experience you succeeded amazingly under the circumstances, so well in fact, that we now find ourselves in a stronger position and are more hopeful than ever. We know that the best payment you can have for all the troubles you took on our behalf, - for your self -sacrifice staying there for such a long time without your family, and travelling over land and sea for our benefit, would be the success of the Colony. Please accept our recognition of that, and our promise that we will do our utmost for the success and safety you would desire for the Colony.

Our hope is that your visit to the country of our friends and relatives, as well as the friends of the Colony – wherever you may meet them – will ease their worries and add to our number and abilities. Even though you are not visiting them officially, we still consider you to be our representative, because you are well aware of all our circumstances, and have thorough knowledge of our needs and hopes.

We sincerely anticipate you and your family arrive back home safely, and others with you. We will welcome any fellow Welshmen who returns home with you; we recognise your ability and experience and promise you a great welcome on your return.

On behalf of the Committee, with kind regards, your sincerely

Porth Madryn, RHYDDARCH HUWS, President
Patagonia, R. J. BERWYN, Secretary
June 10, 1868

It was agreed
1. we take the opportunity to recognise Mr. Lewis Jones' priceless service to the movement as the Committee's representative, and congratulate him for the selfless efforts and perseverance up till now.
2. That the General committee is to meet as previously in Liverpool, and for Mr. W. Dolben Jones, 22, Williamson Square, to be the Secretary.

See a letter from Dr Rawson, the late minister, to Mr. Lewis Jones:-


Buenos Ayres, April 26, '69.

Dear Sir – I wish you a comfortable sea journey, and hope that you will be able to direct the immigration tide to the new Colony in Chupat.

It is my opinion that that colony will be very successful, and that there will be specific benefits to thousands of poor immigrants who will become in no time at all, rich and comfortable colonists.

If this observation of mine is of any benefit to you, you are welcome to use it.

Yours, etc

Signed on behalf of the Committee
W. D Jones
June 23, 1869

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