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After thanking T B Phillips for his correspondence, Evan Evans would appreciate a note when he arrived at Liverpool even though he understood he would be very busy. He agreed with the formation of a Society, but because of other commitments at present, he had not taken an active part in discussions. He suggested that the cost of travel should be determined as £10-12, subscriptions should be collected immediately and noted that it would be better to arrange detailed plan of the different individual subscriptions according to class. Members should also be vetted as to their sobriety, with preference given to teetotallers. Also lots could be drawn and he goes on to include a list of stipulations to be considered, and welcomed Thomas Benbow Phillips's comments. He also commented on the location of the Colony, as being most ideal in many aspects as the plan was for the future of a whole nation. He stipulated that the location not only needed to be secure but that there was also a need for convenient travelling routes and trade in all directions. Railroads and canals should be constructed for the convenience of the Colony and future trade and communication with the outside world. He would appreciate a note before Thomas Benbow Phillips left and immediately after arrival, and requested a copy of the Society's prospectus again. He suggested calling the first town “Caerphilip” and giving Welsh names to other places; he wished him God speed.

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