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Letter (probably) written to Thomas Benbow Phillips by Richard Berwyn Jones at New York, dated 6 August 1864 [with a PS to say that due to the facilities there being very bad, he was also enclosing a copy of his letter to Mr H Hughes, Liverpool]

Richard Berwyn thanked Thomas Benbow Phillips for his letter, and decided to reply in English. He noted that Thomas Benbow Phillips's intentions were highly valued by Richard Berwyn and his compatriots, that they had not yet completed their arrangements in Wales, and were still waiting for the denouncement of Mr Phibbs' mission. They would inform Thomas Benbow Phillips when they would begin travel arrangements. Richard Berwyn was unsure if the journey would be undertaken in a trader or a small vessel, but they were grateful to Thoms Benbow Phillips for suggesting they headed for the port of Monte Vider and on to New Bay in Chuput. Richard Berwyn thought that there would be about thirty people travelling initially, with more, hopefully, considering making the journey after the establishment of the Colony. The first immigrants were not wealthy but were well known for their physical strength. Two Welshmen from Missouri were endeavouring to sell land for the benefit of the Colony. Richard Bewyn promised to write again when he had something to report.

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