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Letter written to Thomas Benbow Phillips by Stuart Barnes at Calle Reconquista 72, Buenos Ayres, dated 24 March 1873

Stuart Barnes gave Thomas Benbow Phillips power of attorney to act for him regarding all the goods he owned that were on board a ship. Stuart Barnes had also ordered the Captain of that ship to give all his goods, monies and produce on board, to the safe keeping of Thomas Benbow Phillips. Skins and furs which had been paid as passage by some passengers were also to be include in the goods in Thomas Benbow Phillips's remit. All Stuart Barnes's goods and merchandise needed to be accounted for by the Captain, and if he was unable to do that, he needed to report what had he done with them. If the Captain did not obey Thomas Benbow Phillips's instructions, he was to be clapped in irons, and he had also written to the Captain informing him of all this. Stuart Barnes expressed his dependence on Thomas Benbow Phillips carrying out his wishes and making the situation right.

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