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Letter written to Thomas Benbow Phillips by D S Davies at Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA dated 12 November1873

Thomas Benbow Phillips was thanked for the letters dated 18 August and 27 September 1873. D S Davies expressed great disappointment at the treachery of Captain Evans. He reported that he had worked hard to collect $12,000 to purchase the “Rush” and set it up ready for a voyage. He was still as patriotic as Thomas Benbow Phillips, and was arranging a shipload of select passengers for the Wladfa, hoping to settle at New Bay and on the Valdes. He suggested purchasing a small vessel for use to and from New Bay, and that, in time, Port Desire and Santa Cruz could also be settled, thus enabling a permenant hold of the Patagonia coast. D S Davies suggested various ways of purchasing this small schooner. He hoped that 80 or 100 well off emigrants would sail to New Bay arriving in March. They would have plenty of money to invest after their arrival at Chupat. Thomas Benbow Phillips had been researching the Patagonian climate, health, soil and fertility etc and it was time for this planning to come to fruition. He would send a list of passengers in a month, as well as news of the purchase of a small schooner. It would be advantageous to find a Welsh Captain with a family to settle in the Colony and sail the Schooner Yacht “Sunbeam”. The cost would be $4,000. D S Davies reqested an early reply with news of whether Thomas Benbow Phillips had accomplished what he hinted at in his letter of 27 September. He hoped that this reply would reach him before he set sail, to be met at the Colony by Thomas Benbow Phillips, and his rich co-passengers would be willing to invest some capital in the start of businesses in New Bay. D S Davies requested a reply should be sent to him at 346 Ninth Avenue, New York.

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